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In order to find a doctor who has been trained in the Arthrosurface HemiCAP resurfacing system for joint pain treatment, please choose the surgeons area of specialization (i.e. Toe or Knee) and then choose a state.

The medical education training usually consist of hands-on bioskills training to discuss the technique’s 3 key elements: mapping the cartilage surface of the damaged joint, learning how to use the HemiCAP system instrumentation to prepare the damaged area and the placement of the appropriate HemiCAP resurfacing prosthesis. The participants experience how the HemiCAP system fills the defect using a variety of implants that match the diameter and curvature of the patients joint. The result is a restored, smooth and continuous articular surface that is designed to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Some compare the technique to putting a filling into a cavity in the tooth.

If you cannot find a doctor near you, please contact Aislyn Arnone at as new doctors are added daily.